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Ways to Boost Confidence in Public Speaking

Public speaking

October 26 2020 - Speaking in front of many people might seem like an easy task for some, but it's anxiety-inducing for others. Not everyone feels good about the idea of talking to a crowd. There's a fear of saying the wrong things or receiving judgement from others. The good thing about public speaking skills is that you can improve them. If you believe that you're not good enough, you can do something about it. During this lockdown, when you don't have many things to do, you might want to consider improving this skill. These tips could be useful.

Talk to yourself in the mirror

This classic technique is effective since it allows you to see yourself. Apart from what you say, you can also practise how to say the words. You can evaluate your hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language. You need them to be a more effective public speaker. You will also be less conscious when someone takes a video of you as you speak.

Draft some speeches

You donít know which event youíre going to present next, but thereís nothing wrong with preparing what to say. The goal is to feel comfortable using your own words during public speaking. Practise writing about leadership-related topics or anything about your current field. If given a chance to talk to others later, you won't feel awkward. You can even use parts of that speech to relay your message. You have time on your hands, so you can improve your speech as much as you want.

Practise in front of your loved ones

Another way to improve your skill is by talking to other people. Let them hear you speak and offer criticism. Start with your family members. They can be honest with you, and you won't feel bad about what they say. You can also assess their reactions to your speech. They might not be your colleagues, but you can still gauge their reactions. Change your approach based on the feedback received.

Do meetings on Zoom

When you have to do meetings in person, itís a form of public speaking. There are instances when you donít feel too comfortable doing it. You might even let your colleagues talk over you since you can't control the situation. You can do better by practising in Zoom meetings. You don't have to face your colleagues, so it might be a lot easier. It will still be under the pressure of leading the meeting, but there's no one around you. Pretend that you're alone in the room, and no one judges how you lead the conversation.

There are many ways of making the most of your time during the lockdown. By practising your public speaking skills, you will become a more effective leader. When asked to provide speeches at some events later, you won't hesitate to accept the responsibility. You won't feel nervous either. With constant practice, public speaking will no longer be an issue for you.

It also helps if you can present using slides and other visual aids. At the office, you should invest in a projector ceiling mount. Presenting your speech will be easier if you have one in the room.



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