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How To Make B2C Communication More Engaging

March 18 2022 - If you run a medium or large company, you probably send out a fair number of messages to your potential customers, whether these be a weekly or monthly newsletter, social media content or ad-hoc emails related to special promotions or events. Do you ever wonder how many of your contacts actually read and engage with these messages? If youíre worried that the answer is Ďnot manyí, worry no more! Here are some tips for making your B2C communication more engaging and, therefore, increasing the likelihood that it will actually be understood and acted upon by your customer base.

Keep it short

Itís completely understandable to want to write long emails if you have a lot of information to give your customers. Unfortunately, a lot of people donít read emails in full, which means that the information in the second half of your email is likely to get lost. This is also true for leaflets, videos and any other type of communication - peopleís attention span is just very short. Your best bet, therefore, is to stick to one or two points per message and send them more often.

Use engaging videos

Itís no secret that a lot of people love watching videos - just think of the popularity of platforms like YouTube or TikTok. To make your content more engaging and increase the chance that it will result in sales, you can use an animated sales video production service to create little animated videos explaining your productsí features and selling points. Post your videos on your social media accounts and donít forget to include a link to them in your customer-focused newsletter. These videos are also a great tool to use to make your in-house training more engaging!

Find out what your customers care about

Running a business in the age of social media is not just about creating and selling desirable products - itís also about creating relationships with your actual and potential customers to find out their needs, values and wants, and then portraying your products as the answer to those needs. A great way to achieve this is to use social media polls to find out more about the people who follow your companyís social media pages, and to hopefully gain a few new followers along the way. You can ask social media users to rate your current products, conduct some market research and figure out why people love your company. To maximise engagement, make your polls light-hearted and fun; for a great example of humorous social media polls check out Doncaster Councilís series of polls to decide the names of their two new gritters, acquired in the midst of the harsh weather of late 2017. Spoiler alert: the two gritters were named, by popular vote, David Plowie and Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney. Democracy is a weird and wonderful thing...

Find your voice

Finally, having a consistent brand voice will make your content more easily recognisable to your customers. Itís also a great way to showcase your companyís values, which will make you more appealing to customers who share those same values.



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