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Tips for Organising a Corporate Event

May 21 2019 - Organising a corporate event can be a difficult and overwhelming experience when you've never done it before. Lucky for you it is possible to do it without too much stress and hassle. Simply breaking the process down into manageable tasks helps keep you focused and ultimately achieve your goal. That doesn't mean it's still not a big job, and there's lots to think about. To help give you the confidence to plan a perfect corporate event here's a checklist to guide you through the process.

Don't Delay

The quicker you get started, the less painful the process will be. It also gives you plenty of time to wait for responses and confirmations. You'll also be giving yourself lots of time to make alternative arrangements if a venue is fully booked, you can't find a caterer or the band you want to book isn't available.

Lists, Lists, and More Lists

Lists are a godsend when it comes to planning a corporate event. They make it possible to break down the process into manageable goals. To help you decide which order to tackle the tasks you can mark them in the following way: not urgent but important, urgent but not important, urgent and important and not urgent or important.

Work with a Team

You'd have to be really brave or mad to tackle organising a corporate event all on your own. It'll make things much easier if you assemble a team. Why not suggest to your boss that an events team is a smart thing to have and the HR department can help you choose the right people? Ideally, your team should include people with a range of different skills.

Set and Allocate the Budget

This step should feature at the top of your list as it's an important starting point upon which all other decisions rest. When deciding how to spend the budget consider what is most important to your company, the culture, and expectations of colleagues.

Set the Date

Popular corporate event venues fill up very quickly so confirming a date should be the next step you take. Have a brain storming session with the events team and come up with a date together. Alternatively, send out an email and ask for suggestions.

Choose a Venue

The venue is important if you want to host a corporate event. Choose a venue with the right capacity for your guest list, a location that's accessible, one that has all the facilities you require and is able to tailor a package to meet your needs. That all important wow factor is also going to make or break your event.

Food and Drinks

You may have two options here. Depending on the type of venue you've chosen there may be an in-house option or the need to hire external caterers. Would you prefer there to be a set menu? Is it going to be a sit down meal or a buffet? Don't forget to cater for special dietary requirements.


This needs to suit your event, and there are plenty of options. It could be a live band playing in the background, casino tables, photo booths or a live speaker.

When the event is over, remember to ask your guests for some feedback as this is going to help you organise your next corporate event.



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