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The Value of Powerful Employee Branding

August 30 2021 - In the elaborate world of brand building, reputation is extremely important. If a business manages to emanate class, trustworthiness, and a great company culture, it has effectively laid solid foundations upon which to build. One way of doing this is to ensure that your employees are satisfied and that they represent the values of your business wherever they happen to find themselves.

This is, in effect, employee branding. If your employees are happy, efficient, and engaged, you will likely be able to get your hands on top-tier talent while creating a positive image for yourself as an employer. Powerful employee branding is indeed valuable, so here are some tips on why and how you should go about addressing it.

Emphasise Your Company Values

Candidates are generally not too difficult to find, but the ideal candidate is a completely different matter entirely (if such a concept exists in the first place).

By reiterating your company values amongst your team and hiring candidates that ‘fit’ with your work ethic and the message you are trying to portray to the world, you can start to ensure that everyone is getting together on the same page.

This can eventually lead to attracting better candidates, individuals that are more suited to your style of work.

Creating Brand Advocates

Brand advocacy is not simply reserved for enthusiastic customers and social media influencers. In fact, your employees can make exemplary brand advocates, particularly if they believe in the business and enjoy their work.

There are a few tricks you can use to do this, such as supplying them with branded clothing, offering them discounts on your products, or by adopting a friend-referral program.

Your employees’ presence in the digital world should not be overlooked either, so you might want to ensure they have some good email signatures that showcase your brand every time they send a message online. This is also a great way to encourage personal branding, an important part of promoting individuality and autonomy.


It can be difficult to create a great company culture if you are unwittingly upsetting your employees or making the wrong decisions. To avoid this, asking for regular feedback is a must. This can open a transparent dialogue between you and your employees, one that thrives on effective communication where everyone has their say.

Promote Online Sharing

Social media, with all of its faults, is still a fantastic marketing tool when utilised properly. If you can manage to encourage your employees to share company content, tag your brand in their own posts, and generally engage with the company’s online efforts, you can extend your brand’s reach.

Moreover, if your employees are happy with their job, this will be a powerful reach that consists of a strong message, one that may convince the public that you are the company not only worth turning to but working for.

Keep an Eye on the Data

Data-driven solutions are the flavour of the year for good reason; they offer much greater prediction accuracy and insight as opposed to the traditional gut feeling. If you can follow your employee activity throughout your branding process using analytics, you can start to get a greater idea of what is working and what isn’t.

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