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5 Tactical Tips for Increasing your Brand’s Visibility

Article provided by Broadcast Revolution

February 24 2021 - There are many ways to measure the success of a business, but surely one of the key indicators is the visibility of its brand. You may have the best strategy, the shiniest website and the most creative team members, but none of this matters without customers and clients. Your ability to stand out and be visible in a crowded marketplace is what will ultimately draw the leads in, and help your business flourish.

For this article, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to help build your brand visibility:

The value of television

The 21st century is a digital world, and this has hugely impacted the way that public relations operates over recent years. However, if the internet and social media were the only way to communicate in today’s modern world, then television would have gone out of fashion a long time ago. In fact, the average Brit watched 22 hours and 36 minutes of TV in the second week of January 2020 (that is 13 minutes longer than in 2019), so there is still huge relevance and importance in getting your brand on screen.

While television advertising is still a valuable way to raise your brand visibility, there are a number of ways to get your business on TV without a fee. This might include anything from in-studio interviews to B-roll footage, but to generate results that are guaranteed to impress clients, these need to be well thought out, targeted, and repurposed across all available digital platforms.

Our top tip for securing television opportunities is to ensure that you have a good spokesperson available, who has been properly media trained and is able to act as the face of the company. A good broadcast PR agency can help with preparing your spokesperson if they need training beforehand or providing consultancy into who to approach and how.

Take to the airwaves with radio

With so many platforms and possibilities for businesses to market their brand, it’s easy to overlook the power of traditional methods such as radio. The truth is that commercial radio has been around for 100 years or more, and its influence is largely unchallenged so it is still an effective tool for brand visibility.

Depending on your brand and messaging, radio might be the perfect channel for you. If your business needs to reach an older demographic, radio is likely to be significantly more effective than social media when it comes to improving your name recognition through the likes of the BBC.

In addition, radio requires little active participation from the audience in order to be effective. Whereas other forms of media may require the consumer to actively engage, radio is the traditional ‘background medium’. A radio show can be part of a listener’s background noise, and they are likely to absorb the messaging without needing to pay full attention.

Our top tip for successfully growing your visibility on the radio is to ensure your key messaging is concise, clear, and confident, as this will mean that the listener is more likely to retain the information.

Keep up with the times with a podcast

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing mediums of the modern age, and there are huge opportunities for businesses and brands to leverage the power of podcasting.

Unlike a traditional radio show, which is subject to broadcast rules and quality standards, there is very little restriction around what can and can’t be published in a podcast. Nor are they just confined to a short radio segment, a 30-second TV spot or a newspaper column. Many podcast episodes are at least 30 minutes to an hour long, and contain multiple breaks and segments. This means that podcasting offers a unique opportunity to speak to customers for an extended period of time, and ensure that they absorb your messaging.

Perhaps most importantly, podcasting is an excellent way to humanise your brand. If your business may otherwise be perceived as a faceless logo or an impersonal corporation, a podcast featuring some of the company’s key personalities allows listeners to connect with your brand on a personal and empathetic level, and associate it with content they enjoy.

Our top tip for creating a popular podcast is to ensure that you steer away from sales. Make the topic one of general interest that will attract people to listen. By starting an engaging conversation and encouraging listeners to get involved, you’ll build their trust up over time. Then, if and when they need your services, they’ll be more inclined to come to you first.

The power of influencer marketing

As a direct result of social media - particularly the growth of Instagram - influencer marketing is now a respectable way to grow your brand’s visibility. While it may be foreign to some businesses, influencer marketing can be a hugely effective means of tapping into audiences that have abandoned traditional media, and accessing an engaged and loyal following.

Whether you are looking for a host of ‘micro-influencers’ to support a one-off product launch, or to partner with a 'macro-influencer' to build a long-term brand partnership, influencer marketing is effective because it is both niche and targeted. Usually, an influencer will be popular in one particular area (fitness, cooking etc), and their audience follows them because they trust them. By aligning yourself with an influencer from your particular field, you’ll benefit from their highly engaged and relevant audience.

Our top tip for harnessing the power of influencer marketing is to ensure you set up and agree reporting metrics with the influencer to track the success of a campaign. This is one key benefit of influencer marketing - you can directly track ROI, as opposed to other forms of advertising where it can be more difficult to measure.

Brand consistency

A final tip that applies to all four above is to practice brand consistency across all your communications. When you choose to utilise the above four platforms, you’ll need to ensure that your tone of voice and branding are aligned if you want to create greater brand recognition. Consistency is key here - if someone hears your advert on the radio, it should align with any influencer marketing or podcast discussions, so that the message doesn’t get diluted.

Your potential audience will grow through stability and consistency, not confusion and mixed messaging. Both your brand visibility and recognition will increase as a result.

Our top tip for brand consistency is to ensure you set up the parameters at the start of any campaign, before launching the activity. This will include things such as your tone of voice, your key messages and a call to action.


With these brand awareness tips, you’ll be sure to grow your visibility quickly. Ultimately, you’ll find that this is an ongoing process - the more you invest continuously into securing these opportunities for your business, the more you will build your reputation, and ultimately boost your leads.

Author Bio

Broadcast Revolution is a specialist broadcast PR agency providing a fresh and creative way to deliver quality coverage for brands.

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