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2024 HR Technology Predictions
January 17 2024 - CHROs must embrace AI and become more data-driven or they will fail to optimise their talent value

ISO 27001: What Is This Crucial International Standard And How Your Business Can Get Up To Speed
December 6 2023 - ISO 27001 is more than just a standard; it's a comprehensive approach to managing and protecting valuable information in a digital world.

Smart Consumerism: When to Upgrade and When to Hold Onto Your Tech
November 15 2023 - Your gadgets are more than tools; they're a testament to your approach to life and technology.

What To Do If Your Office Computer Network Is Running Slowly: Top Tips For Businesses Looking To Avoid Downtime
August 20 2023 - Slow computers can be incredibly annoying, especially when you're running a busy office and have deadlines to hit.

How To Prepare For Workplace Emergencies
April 12 2023 - Emergency preparedness in the workplace helps alleviate potential damage and keeps employees safe.

Exploring the Features of the Best Employee Scheduling Software
February 15 2023 - Creating employee schedules manually is a tedious and time-consuming process that should not be happening in modern businesses.

Cybersecurity is more than just the tech: It's about the people
January 9 2023 - You've got to educate and build a cyberculture that reaches everyone at every level across the workforce.

How Tachograph Analysis Can Benefit Your Business
October 5 2022 - This can help you find out any faults with your fleet, and help you avoid fines for any break of regulations that drivers may be doing.

Digital wellbeing: how to improve your team's relationship with technology
September 21 2022 - How can (and why should) HR teams aim improve relationships with technology within their business?

Using Technology To Support & Develop The Careers Of Manufacturing Staff
August 13 2022 - By supporting manufacturing employees in their roles and using technology to help them develop and progress their careers, HR professionals can build a solid and happy team of workers.

Using People Analytics in the Talent Revolution
August 8 2022 - From remote workers, to hybrid, and those in office, People Analytics plays a crucial role in the management and development of critical talent.

Creating a new Cybersecurity Culture: Why training is the best tool for cyber resilience
July 14 2022 - Worrying stats show that, in 2021, there were 50% more attacks per week on organisations when compared to the year before.

How to Optimize Your Business Processes
January 21 2022 - This means evaluating the manner in which things are done at your company to see where there might be a waste.

Get to Know Your IT Admin
November 26 2021 - IT admins play a vital role in the day-to-day running of a business. However, because IT admins work behind the scenes, you may not realise everything they do to make your job easier.

How to Boost Employee Productivity
October 16 2021 - It's important to be aware of how productive your employees are and how this can be improved.

Turning Insight Into Action: How to Use Data in HR Processes
July 22 2021 - The best HR is inherently data-driven. Here's how that can be approached.

The Main Reasons Why You Should Get an Air Conditioning System for Your UK Property Today
June 21 2021 - More homes in the UK are investing in air conditioners, as we write, and these numbers are not going down anytime soon

How to Make the Most Out of HR Systems When Running a Business
May 16 2021 - Here are some ways to help make the most out of HR systems when running a business.

Prioritising Cybersecurity within HR Teams
April 3 2021 - The sensitive data handled by HR teams is extremely valuable for cyber hackers, including health and financial records and CVs for prospective and current employers.

How Applicant Tracking Software Helps Clear the Clutter and Hire Faster
January 21 2021 - A faster hiring process surely helps fill vacancies more quickly but how do you ensure that you are finding the right talent and bringing the best onboard?

Developing a cohesive council workforce
March 6 2020 - With council workers, increasingly being asked to deliver more with less, Alexander Carlton, Head of People Insight & Technology at Essex County Council discusses the role of technology in creating a cohesive workforce.

How to Design a Company Website Employees Love
January 11 2020 - Creating a private network where your employees can create content, communicate, collaborate and effectively manage their daily tasks is no small feat.

3 Ways Call Centre Software Can Boost Employee Engagement
December 13 2019 - These days it's not enough for call centre software just to focus on comms. Instead, it should also boast a suite of workforce management tools.

Digitising the employee relations process
November 12 2019 - With digitisation and efficiency driving many of the changes currently sweeping the NHS, numerous Trusts are in the process of evaluating the systems they have in place. HR departments are part of this transformation and have a vital role to play in helping organisations adopt digital processes.

When's the right time to invest/upgrade in HR software?
July 19 2019 - When was the last time you took a step back and looked at how much time HR administration is costing your business - and considered whether that is time well spent?

Tips on Improving Your HR Process
May 10 2019 - Here are ways that you can improve your HR process and ultimately, improve your business as well.

Smart Technology is Key to Driving Employee Engagement
November 22 2018 - Senior business leaders must allow their organisations to adapt and evolve to suit the requirements of millennials.

Winning the war on talent: improving employee experiences to drive business value
July 17 2018 - Great benefits and cool office perks are no longer enough, employees want simple digital experiences that make work, work better for them.

Russian Hackers Never Sleep: How To Protect Yourself
December 17 2017 - The harm caused by hackers is enormous. They steal personal data, banking details and leave the whole system out of order.

The Business Case for Digitising Human Resources
December 11 2017 - Here are the top four ways digitising HR functions adds value to the organisation.

The secret behind successful flexi-working? Culture
July 4 2016 - When done well, flexi-working can be a game changer and productivity enhancer. The question is, how do you adopt flexi-working in a way that enhances productivity?

Managing an Expanding Retail Workforce
June 30 2014 - For the first time in years, the news for retailers is looking positive. As a result, employment levels are increasing, with both full time and temporary contracts rising.

Case Study: Home Group
May 27 2013 - MidlandHR and Home Group: 'Working Together to Deliver a Financially Stronger Home'

Should You Be Sharing That?
May 14 2012 - Managing employee information on a global scale when data privacy rules differ by country

The Transformational Power of HR Software
May 14 2012 - HR software has for many years been revolutionising the processes and procedures of HR departments. But the growing power of intuitive technologies means the opportunities for forward-thinking HR professionals are ever-increasing.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Learning Management Systems
April 10 2012 - A LMS is a tool used for documenting, tracking and reporting on training programs in a bid to increase employee efficiency and productivity.

Intranet Policy Management Could Lead to Litigation
February 14 2007 - Research by NETconsent has found that nearly 50 per cent of UK organizations could be vulnerable to litigation by primarily using the intranet to manage corporate policies.

Web use at work
September 21 2006 - A report by ScanSafe, a global specialist in managed web security, reveals significant differences in workplace web searching in the UK and US.

Pension Scheme Websites
September 2 2006 - Awareness of pension scheme websites is considerably higher among employees than the self-employed.

HR Poorly Supported By IT Systems
June 22 2006 - Results from "The Gap Between IT and Strategic HR in the UK", a study by talent management solutions company Taleo, show a significant disconnect between HR's strategic functions, including talent acquisition and workforce planning, and IT ability to support these business initiatives.



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