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What To Do If Your Office Computer Network Is Running Slowly: Top Tips For Businesses Looking To Avoid Downtime

August 20 2023 - Slow computers can be incredibly annoying, especially when you're running a busy office and have deadlines to hit.

Identify The Cause

Before taking any action, you need to pinpoint the root cause of the slow network. It could be due to various factors such as high data traffic, hardware issues, software conflicts, or network congestion, so you need to know what the issue is before you jump right into blindly making changes in the hope that something works. If you don't have experience in network cabling and aren't certain about the issues you're facing, get a professional network audit from the experts at Integral Network Solutions. These audits don't need to be done just when your network is down: you can also conduct them at regular intervals to make sure your network is always operating to its fullest.

Consider Expanding Your Network

In some cases, the issues can be fixed quickly be replacing old cabling or dealing with hardware issues. However, if the problem is ongoing, then it could be a sign that you need to grow your network. That's because as your company grows and technology requirements increase, expanding your network infrastructure can help accommodate higher data demands and ensure smooth operations, reducing slow periods and downtime. It might seem tough to know what you need, but if you lack in-house expertise, then you can consider consulting with network experts or IT professionals who can guide you through the expansion process.

Provide Ongoing Training

Employee training is a critical aspect of optimizing your office computer network's performance. Educating your staff about proper network usage and best practices can go a long way in preventing network slowdowns and downtime. After all, human error contributes to between 66-80% of all network outages. By conducting comprehensive employee training, you empower your staff to be active participants in maintaining a high-performing office computer network and ensure that they make choices that improve your network efficiency. Well-informed employees are more likely to make conscious choices that contribute to network efficiency and ultimately help avoid future downtime and productivity losses.

With the help of these tips, you can deal with any office network slowdowns proactively and ensure that your business remains ready to support your clients at all times.



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