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How Tachograph Analysis Can Benefit Your Business

October 5 2022 - If your business operates a fleet of vehicles or employs the service of a fleet, then it will be incredibly useful for your business to utilise a tachograph and analyse the data that it receives. This can help you find out any faults with your fleet, and help you avoid fines for any break of regulations that drivers may be doing. It gives you more insight into your fleet. Hereís how tachograph analysis can benefit your business.

What Is Tachograph Analysis?

Before we go into further detail about how tachograph analysis can benefit your business, you should first understand what this means. Essentially, tachograph analysis allows a fleet manager to access tachograph information. A tachograph records information about driving time, speed, and distance.

It allows an employer and someone monitoring a fleet of vehicles to see if drivers are following the rules and regulations in place. It also offers further insight into the vehicles themselves. These devices are fitted to the vehicle, and there are ways to analyse this data thanks to modern software.

Will It Give Me Clarity Over Data?

Tachograph analysis can give you much more clarity over your tachograph data than you ever thought possible. You can use tachograph analysis to help you control and check your companyís digital tachograph files. Expert solutions can help you comply with regulations and ensure everything with your fleet is going well.

For some of the best tachograph analysis software in the UK, you should take a look at the solutions from FleetGO. They have easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to take control of your tachograph archive and be more informed overall. You will be able to easily manage your data and gain much more clarity over it.

Why Is It Important?

Tachograph analysis will be very important for any business that utilises a fleet of vehicles. Analysing your tachograph files effectively gives you much more understanding of tachograph laws to ensure compliance. You should ensure you are providing as much information as possible in order to provide a full picture.

There can be automated analysis that saves you and your employees so much time that would have been spent manually processing. Overall, this could help your business avoid fines. Tachograph must be used if your fleet of vehicles falls under EU or AETR rules, so itís important you do your due diligence and understand the vehicles your business uses.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Lastly, you should understand that there are different ways to approach tachograph analysis. For example, you have analogue tachograph analysis and digital tachograph analysis. Analogue tachographs will still be used in older vehicles. In these situations, drivers will have to manually record their breaks and record their driving times. The advantage is that the data can be retrieved directly.

The main difference with a digital tachograph is that a digital tachograph uses a smart card instead of a record sheet. These cards come in the form of a driver card, company card, workshop card, and control card. You can extract digital tachograph data instantly through a download, allowing you to quickly identify any potential driving analysis. This can help you make more informed decisions and improve the business in the future.



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