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3 Ways Call Centre Software Can Boost Employee Engagement

Call Centre Software

December 13 2019 - These days it's not enough for call centre software just to focus on comms. Instead, it should also boast a suite of workforce management tools. These tools help to ensure your contact centre has the best possible people scheduled to support your customers at the right time, across several comms channels. This works wonders for managing shifts and matching the skillsets of your customer support agents to the contacts in need of assistance.

There are lots of ways workforce optimisation combined with call centre software boosts employee engagement. Here are three tools to look for in call centre software.

1. An Easy to Use Interface

There are call centre solutions on the market that provide agents with modern, intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Some might even describe these sorts of dashboards as 'graphical.' Employees love using resources like this because it makes their lives so much easier.

As you go about looking for workforce optimisation tools, ensure it has a user-interface complete with the following features:

  • Simple-to-use icons and widgets
  • A responsive design supported by all major internet browsers
  • Features designed or the faster handling of complicated schedules and shifts

2. Go Mobile

Studies suggest customer support agents, especially Millennials, want access to software that allows them to do their jobs via their mobiles. In fact, as many as 59 per cent of workers think their organisation has been 'too slow' to provide work-related apps for their team.

As you start searching for a new call centre solution, give your employees what they want by ensuring it comes with a mobile app. This is a surefire way to encourage staff to stay engaged with their work.

But this shouldn't be any old app, make sure it gives you and your team the ability to:

  • Easily view and manage schedules via the app from any location
  • Send customer support agents messages via email, SMS and/or mobile push notifications
  • See the following scheduling information at a glance: days and hours per week, shift lengths (including start and finish times), workday patterns, lunch and break preferences, etc.

3. Coaching for Optimal Performance

Providing employees with adequate coaching and training is imperative to harnessing engagement. The stats speak for themselves; businesses who offer formalised training programs boast 218 per cent higher income per employee than enterprised without formalised training.

There are comms systems that also come with the tools you need to provide staff with training. With the right resources at your disposal, coaching your team is pretty simple. Ideally, you want software that includes the following:

  • The ability to add coaching workflows both automatically and manually
  • Access to coaching analytics that provide an in-depth insight into the success of your training.

Let's circle back to automatic coaching workflows for a sec. There are comms solutions on the market that allow you to create and use 'Coaching rules,' some even provide templates to help you launch automated coaching programs.

For instance, one of these 'rules' might be a specified time students have to complete an assignment by. This is just one of many rules you could set to help automate the process.

Find the Right Tools for Your Business

There are plenty of features a call centre software could have to help you boost employee engagement. The three tools explored in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Continue researching what's out there, this is the only way to ensure you find the best solution for your business.



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