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How Applicant Tracking Software Helps Clear the Clutter and Hire Faster

By Kelly Barcelos

Applicant tracking

January 21 2021 - A faster hiring process surely helps fill vacancies more quickly but how do you ensure that you are finding the right talent and bringing the best onboard? If you want to identify, attract, and engage top talent before your competitors do, it is important to switch your legacy hiring system with a fully-featured applicant tracking software that can make the costly, complicated and time-consuming talent acquisition process fast and easy while saving you a lot of time, effort and resources.

Here are 7 ways recruiting software speeds up your hiring process, reduces your hiring cost and enhances the candidate experience to give you a competitive edge:

1. Ensures Consistent Communication to Create a Rich Talent Pool in Less Time

Finding your perfect candidate when there is no vacancy can be the biggest source of frustration for a recruiter because there is no way you can stay connected with the candidate till a suitable position is open. But an applicant tracking software ensures consistent communication with potential employees and keeps them engaged even when a role is not available. It lets you personalize your messaging and enables you to build meaningful relationships so you ultimately convert more high-quality candidates when you actually need them.

2. Speeds up the Pre-screening Stage with Smart Filter Intelligence

The pre-screening stage plays a decisive role in filling a vacancy with the right fit and so it also brings the recruiter an opportunity to sell a candidate the idea of considering the offer and proceeding further in the sourcing funnel. This is time recruiters can convince job seekers since they are actively looking for a job change. But how do recruiters ensure that candidates meet the job requirements when the time is limited?

Busy recruiters can save all the time they spend on reviewing applications and shortlisting relevant ones by leveraging the smart filter intelligence of online recruitment software. It completely eliminates the need to scan through hundreds of resumes before finding that one perfect match for the position that needs to be filled while ensuring recruiters land the right talent at the right time.

3. Integrates Social Media Recruiting to Expand Your Reach beyond Job Boards

Applicant tracking software helps recruiters cast a wider net on social networking platforms so they can bring more talented players to the interview table and speed up the sourcing process. ATS integrated social media recruiting not only shortens the hiring cycle but also saves a lot of time that recruiters lose posting jobs on individual channels, modifying job openings manually, searching for the right talent, juggling between uploads and downloads and tracking the conversions on every source.

4. Keeps Candidates Engaged from Start to Finish to Boost the Conversion Rate

Filling a position faster is only possible when both the recruiter and the candidate stay connected from start to finish and every step of the process is clear to both. Your potential candidates want to know where they stand in the sourcing funnel and how things are moving forward.

Applicant tracking software keeps everyone updated and involved from start to finish with real-time reminders and notifications at every stage. The system also facilitates personalized communications between recruiters and candidates while eliminating the need to go back and forth on email threads.

5. Eliminates the Administrative Burden by Automating Manual Tasks

Administrative details, manual data entry and paperwork can slow down the sourcing process by taking away several hours from every productive day. Applicant tracking software automates every manual task from sourcing to onboarding while streamlining the recruitment workflow. And that again, means you stand a better chance of bringing top talent onboard before your competitors get to them.

6. Ensures You Only Consider the Right Fit that Meets all Your Requirements

The hiring procedure is taking longer than ever before because companies no longer want go through the recruitment process only to realize their new hires arenít quite ready to take on their new responsibilities or donít have what it takes to perform.

Applicant tracking software works as a saving grace here, helping companies eliminate the time, effort and resources they spend on training candidates who donít perform later. ATS offers you a quick, easy and accurate way to narrow down your search in a fraction of seconds even with a large applicant pool.

7. Tracks Recruitment Performance Using Real-time Reports

The biggest pain point facing recruiters is generating HR reports even as they continue to follow their established workflow. Applicant tracking software auto-generates recruitment reports that offer actionable insights into processes and procedures so recruiters can continue to post jobs, review resumes, schedule interviews, shortlist candidates and finally conduct interviews to find the best possible match for the vacant position.

The reports generated using applicant tracking software can also be customized to measure metrics that actually matter to recruitment performance. This empowers recruiters to stay focused on sources that drive high-quality candidates and stop wasting their time and effort on mediums that are not driving the right candidates. Reports help recruiters make informed hiring decisions in a timely manner.

About the Author

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoidís content and social media team. When†Kelly†is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.



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