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Duvet Days - What Are They, And Should You Offer Them?
February 5 2016 - Let's be honest, plenty of us pull 'sickies' in order to have a Duvet Day. Which is why some companies are cutting right to the chase and making Duvet Days a legitimate thing.

The Importance Of Offering Health Benefit Packages To Improve Employee Efficiency
October 30 2015 - Research has shown that not only does a good health benefits package both help to attract employees to a company, it also helps to retain existing staff.

Travel Incentives - Why HR must get them right
September 10 2015 - Money spent on incentivising staff is an investment and it's an investment in the most important aspect of any company, the people who work for it.

National Minimum Wage Increases
March 17 2015 - The adult (aged 21 and over) minimum wage rate will increase from £6.50 to £6.70 an hour in October.

Rise in UK Living Wage good news for low paid workers
November 27 2013 - Over 30,000 low paid workers stand to benefit from a rise in the 'UK Living Wage' rate worth up to £400 a year recently announced during Living Wage Week at the start of November

Gloomy Outlook For Pay And Jobs
December 29 2008 - The CIPD's annual Barometer Report forecasts that 2009 is likely to be the worst year for jobs in two decades.

Women's Low Pay At Root Of Child Poverty
June 23 2008 - Research from the TUC, the End Child Poverty coalition and the Fawcett Society has concluded that women's low pay is not just a cause of poverty, but also has major consequences on their children's living standards.


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