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3 Of The Most Desirable Benefits Employers Should Offer Their Staff

August 3 2022 - In todayís highly competitive job market, the pressure is on all employers to up the ante and offer more desirable incentives to their employees. With nine in ten UK workers looking for new jobs this year, offering a generous benefits package has become essential for organisations to attract and retain top talent.

If your business is hoping to do just that, and go head-to-head with larger organisations, then it is essential to look at your current employee rewards programme and implement some changes. Nowadays, employee benefits can cover a range of things from flexible working hours, overtime pay, gift cards, employee healthcare coverage and many more. Below we list some of the most desirable benefits employers should offer their staff - keep reading to find out more.

Employee Healthcare Coverage

Offering employee healthcare coverage is one of the most straightforward yet compelling benefits modern-day organisations can implement to attract and retain top talent. In this generation of employees, seeing that an organisation offers employee healthcare coverage is a draw because todayís workforce wants to see that their employer cares about their physical and mental well-being.

Actions often speak louder than words, so offering employee healthcare coverage as a benefit is practically screaming. Typically, an employee healthcare coverage system may include doctorsí visits, dental checks, and private health assessments through providers like Echelon Health, demonstrating that the employer treats their employees as individuals and recognises that employees cannot perform to optimal standards without their well-being looked after.

Learn more about employee healthcare coverage and the benefits of offering them over on Echelon Healthís website, a leading personal and corporate health assessment provider. For more details about their corporate services or further information, donít hesitate to contact them directly or visit their website for details.

Flexible Working Hours

Over the last few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of remote workers. In efforts to engage with this, many organisations have offered flexible working hours as a benefit. For many employees, the ability to work from home and have a better balanced professional and personal life is highly appreciated.

Thanks to our technology-driven world, it has become increasingly easy for employees across all industries to work from the comforts of their own homes, with capabilities like remote system access, video hosting platforms and much more. Additionally, numerous software can report to employers how employees are spending their day, yet this may not be necessary for all businesses.

Complementary Food Or Drink

It is no secret that the UK is a nation full of food lovers, and who doesnít like free food? Offering complimentary food or drink as an employee perk is time-efficient and cost-effective in the long run. Since a large chunk of your employees will go off-site to grab a bite to eat or a coffee, doing so can take time depending on traffic, queues etc. Offering food and drink on premises eliminates all the time spent outside the office and keeps employees more focused on the task they completed before their break.



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