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How employee perks can benefit your company

June 21 2022 - Employees are the backbone of any business. They ensure work is completed on time and to a high standard which, in turn, will bring in revenue and profit for the business.

At times, however, employees can feel undervalued at your company as they have been doing great work from the beginning but are rarely rewarded. This feeling is one of the main driving forces behind a quarter of UK employees actively looking to change employers.

One of the easiest ways to make your staff feel important and valued is to offer them employee perks. There are a plethora of different options to offer and many benefits. Within this article, you will discover the most popular perks among UK employees and how this will benefit your company.

Most popular perks

Quality business card producers, instantprint surveyed 1,000 UK employees and discovered that these were the most desired perks to receive from their employers:

* Flexible working hours 45%
* Dental Care 43%
* Flexible working location 32%
* Eye care 31%
* Bonus schemes 28%
* Additional holidays 27%
* Free meals 27%
* Free fruit/snacks 26%
* Increased pension contributions 24%
* Free parking space 24%


Perks are a great idea to introduce to your business and whilst they may come at a cost, they will improve your employee's welfare dramatically, which is only going to enhance their attachment to your business.

Mental health

In 2022, one in four people will suffer a mental health problem and the stressful nature and demands of their work-life may be a contributing factor to that. With perks like flexible working and additional holidays, employees can achieve a greater work/life balance.

This means they can spend more time away from the desk and enjoy more time with friends or family or do things they love which will boost the state of their mental health. This may result in happier employees which could boost their motivation to complete tasks.

Entice new recruits and retain staff

As a business, you’ll want to attract the best minds in your industry to ensure that you offer consistent and effective services to clients. These perks are a great way to bring in these new recruits as well as hold on to your existing staff.

Ensure you celebrate your perks on social media and in job ads and your company is sure to get the applicants you desire and great publicity too.

As you can see, these employee perks are beneficial to your company. They will help to improve morale around the office and make people happier in general. Working life is often tough, long and complicated but with these perks, you’ll show that the great work done by your employees is recognised.



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