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Managing Diversity Articles

How employers can support the diverse needs of the five generations active in the global workforce
February 28 2023 - Generational diversity is an issue that affects all workplaces, but it has never been experienced to this extent before.

Women in Tech: Time to Close the Gender Bias Gap
November 15 2022 - Gender equality is not going to be achieved by a single group of people, but rather teamwork and collaboration from all.

Gender pay gap
October 29 2021 - Analysis of the data reported by employers in 2021 makes for depressing reading.

How to make your DEI curriculum engaging, meaningful and inclusive
August 23 2021 - Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become increasingly popular in light of significant social events, which has led to many companies internally reviewing their DEI curriculums.

Dealing With An Ageing Workforce
March 3 2021 - A survey of more than 600 workers aged 50+ showed that 44% had experienced age discrimination at work.

Ensuring Your Office Is Accessible: A Guide
September 11 2019 - By not making your office accessible, you could be missing out on your chances of securing highly skilled and talented candidates.

Eight steps towards eliminating gender bias in the workplace
December 31 2018 - Would you expect to be treated differently by clients based on your gender A recent experiment found just that.

Why it's important to get diversity right
January 9 2017 - Creating a diverse workplace isn't just about adhering to the laws regarding discrimination, but going the extra mile in creating an environment where people from any ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race, or political belief can feel safe and valued.

Recruiting For Diversity
September 5 2016 - Disability and inclusion policies, including blind CVs, often fail in practice because they are seldom supported by an understanding of true inclusion problems.

Time to take on the diversity dilemma
August 16 2016 - Facebook is the latest in a long line of organisations to have a spotlight shone on its diversity performance.

A new study: what career success looks like between men and women
June 23 2016 - A new study with 2000 workers in the UK on gender equality in the workplace, conducted by REED, has revealed some interesting results.

Millionaire actress calls gender pay gap discussions "vulgar"
November 17 2015 - Kate Winslet has been heavily criticised for her unhelpful comments and outdated opinions as gender inequality is still a big issue.

The Female Addiction Trap that is killing your career
August 4 2015 - Susie Heath argues that women have been holding themselves back with excuses whilst men 'grab the bull by the horns' and it's time for us to change.

Handling Accusations of Discrimination in the Workplace
June 25 2015 - Important points for employers to consider if ever faced with a discrimination or harassment case within their organisation.

Women in Communications Top Jobs
December 22 2014 - Women in the communications sector fail to achieve boardroom positions because of differences in communications styles between men and women.

Multicultural Business Meetings: How to Avoid Getting Lost in Translation
November 11 2013 - Culture impacts everything you do. This follows on into areas of business such as the meeting - how cultures approach, run and conclude meetings differ.

How Culture Impacts Teamwork and What You Can Do About it
October 24 2013 - A lack of attention to cross-cultural communication in a team setting can bury your organisation in strife, muted conflict, poor motivation and worse.

Religious Clothing and the Rights of Employees - What Should an Employer do if an employee wishes to wear a veil/ other religious clothing?
October 2 2013 - Following the recent ruling that a Muslim woman must remove her face veil while giving evidence in her trial, and the investigation by the Daily Telegraph which revealed that the wearing of a full face veil has been banned for staff dealing with patients in 17 NHS hospitals, there has been much discussion about the wearing of face veils in public and particularly in the workplace.

Religious discrimination
January 16 2013 - HR experts Croner have advised employers to have robust, justifiable reasons for restricting the wearing of displays of religious faith such as crosses.

One, two, three, four? How many women are on your board?
November 9 2012 - Greater transparency of board make-up analysed by gender is intended to put pressure on companies to increase the number of women occupying senior roles. Clearly this will have a consequential impact on recruitment.

The ticking time bomb of older workers
May 28 2012 - This is a very difficult area of the law for employers. On the one hand employers do not want to be accused of age discrimination, but on the other hand they have to act in the best interests of the business, even when this means replacing older workers with a younger, fresher work force.

Equality Report
October 19 2010 - While Britain has made good progress in addressing inequalities and tolerating diversity, significant barriers to a fairer society

Abolishing Default Retirement Age
August 26 2010 - Age UK welcomed the Government's decision to consult on abolishing the default retirement age (DRA) from October 2011.

Articles about managing diversity, equal opportunities and discrimination issues on

Equal Pay? Wait Another 57 Years
August 19 2010 - 40 years after the 1970 Equal Pay Act, male and female salaries are converging so slowly in the UK that it will take more than another five decades to reach equality, according to a report from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR.

Better Education But Worse Job Prospects For Minorities
April 1 2010 - Members of Britain's ethnic minority communities, whether born abroad or in the UK, tend to be better educated than their white British-born peers but are less likely to be employed.

Recruiting Older Employees
March 26 2010 - A study by Allianz shows that in 2010 people between 60 and 65 will outnumber those between 15 and 20 in the European Union.

Recruiters Discriminate According To Name
October 25 2009 - Research reported last week by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) shows that race discrimination is still present in UK recruitment.

Chewing The Fat
September 23 2008 - The epic saga of an Aberdeen firefighter sacked over claims he was overweight has provided employment experts with much to consider.

Fire Service Diversity
April 6 2008 - Following recent criticism of the lack of diversity in the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), Parmjit Dhanda, Fire Minister for England, has committed £3million towards increasing diversity, including plans for a national graduate entry scheme.

More Women Studying Engineering - But Not For Career
February 9 2007 - Although the number of women studying engineering has increased, many use it as a route to other careers.

Equal Pay Case
February 6 2007 - Bridget Bodman, a former accountant at manufacturing company API Group received £25 000 compensation in November 2006 in an equal pay case supported by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC).

Age and City Law Firms
January 21 2007 - Recent research considers the impact on senior and managing partners in leading UK law firms of the Age Discrimination Act which came into force on October 1, 2006.

One third of UK workers fear they will be unfit for work by 60
November 24 2006 - A new report in the journal Hazards indicates that over one-third of UK workers believe they will be unable to do their current job by the time they are sixty. In the last six years the UK has slipped from first to sixth in the European league table in this respect. The report argues that employers should stop using bogus health and safety excuses to get rid of older staff or avoid recruiting from this age group. Instead they should make more effort to keep the ageing UK population in work and off benefits.

Has life improved for working fathers?
August 24 2006 - Working fathers neither work fewer hours than non-fathers, nor see this as a problem.

A million over-50s 'dumped on the scrapheap' but want work, says TUC
August 15 2006 - Over one million 50-65 year olds currently unemployed or economically inactive in the UK want a job, according to a new report by the TUC.

Route To The Top Favours Male, 50-something, Oxbridge-educated Accountants
July 3 2006 - Finance is still the best route to the top, at least for internally-promoted CEOs, but international experience is increasingly important.

Attracting Female Telecoms Engineers
June 27 2006 - Openreach today launched Open2all, a major initiative to identify and address barriers to women joining BT as telecoms engineers. The aim of Open2all is to encourage more women to consider joining Openreach in an engineering role, thereby increasing the number of female engineers within the company.

Sexual harassment is no joke
June 10 2006 - New guidelines released by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) are designed to help employers combat the ongoing problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of Jean Porcelli's landmark case that established sexual harassment as a form of harassment under the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA) it remains all too common, says the EOC.

New approach needed for equality
May 20 2006 - 1000's of tribunal cases have not delivered equality-it's time to consider what will

Gender inequality begins at 16
May 20 2006 - Girls and boys study most subjects in roughly equal numbers for GCSE. Girls do very well but once their examinations are over the genders rapidly move towards traditionally 'male' or 'female' subjects.

Sterotype of engineers puts women off the job
March 10 2006 - Classic stereotypes of engineers as men who are brilliant at and passionate about technology, but not very good at dealing with people, do not reflect real engineers and their work, according to Dr Wendy Faulkner from the University of Edinburgh. Moreover, such stereotypes are hampering efforts to recruit women into the engineering profession.

Disability Rights Commission handles 500,000 enquiries in 5 years
August 24 2005 - Enquiries have surged since new disability legislation came into force in October 2004.

Armed Forces sexual harassment to be addressed
June 23 2005 - Secretary of State for Defence John Reid has signed an agreement with the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to address sexual harassment in Britain's Armed Forces.

Cross Cultural Interviews
With companies recruiting from a pool of candidates from different nationalities, cultures and faiths the cross cultural interview is an area that must be analysed properly if recruiters wish to capitalize on the potential available to them. This is necessary to ensure that candidates in cross cultural interviews are not discriminated against through misperceptions and poor judgements.

Religion, Belief and HR
This article aims to assist HR personnel in understanding the legislation and how practical issues stemming from religion and belief affect the workplace and HR professionals.

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Disability discrimination law has 'glaring gaps'
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The new economy is the grey economy
Barbara Roche speech on lesbians and gays
Court of Appeal dismisses cases against Lord Chancellor
Male mechanic wins sex discrimination case
Hutton: We will rid the NHS of racism
The Parekh Report
Part-timers settle sex discrimination case
Pregnancy still means the sack for thousands, says CAB
Inquiry into prison racism
Race relations legislation takes effect
Black and Asian workers suffer wage discrimination (3)
Rugby League star awarded damages
Post Office condemned for discriminatory recruitment practices
Woman truck driver wins compensation for sex discrimination
Women take top TUC jobs
Racism is getting worse in Britain's workplaces



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