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UK Workplace Health Articles

How Portafina's Findings Could Make Your Workforce Healthier
November 21 2018 - Health is becoming an increasingly important topic of conversation, especially amongst employers.

Myths Around Stress And How To Deal With Them
September 10 2018 - The last few decades of scientific research into stress has provided a new and more diverse picture of what stress is, contradicting our previous understanding of stress, its causes and prevention.

Tips For Creating a Safe Working Environment
April 25 2018 - The specialist team at explore what HR departments need to consider when creating the ultimate 'safe' working environment that will ensure any prospective candidates are eager to become your next employee!

Improve Employee Wellbeing in 2018
January 7 2018 - Employee initiatives are no longer just a perk to attract talent.

Period Leave: What Does It Mean For Your Company?
March 16 2016 - How do you continue to promote equality in the workplace while simultaneously meeting the needs of those who suffer from clear gender based ailments?

Tinnitus: What employers need to Know
March 1 2016 - Tinnitus is a debilitating condition, and can be caused by exposure to loud or prolonged noise in the workplace, or a head or neck injury.

Workplace Drinking - Where (And How) To Draw The Line
March 1 2016 - You may be able to stop a problem before it starts by issuing clear guidelines about when and where drinking is acceptable.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
January 12 2016 - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) is condition which is a mystery to many simply due to the fact that is not easily identified, is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, and is also not very well publicised.

5 Ways to Cope with Financial and Work Related Stress and Anxiety
December 8 2015 - If you are continually under stress because of workplace issues or financial worries, it will soon begin to impact on your health in a serious way.

A manager's guide to promoting positive mental health
December 4 2015 - With around one quarter of the UK population expected to encounter a mental health issue within their lifetime, it is clear that managing this societal challenge will require a team effort.

Physio Med Helps John Lewis Partnership Save 41,000 Working Days
November 24 2015 - Case Study - 96% of staff maintained at or returned to work.

How to Eliminate Accidents in the Office
October 30 2015 - Workplace safety policies can often be a source of annoyance or the butt of jokes, but we still understand that they're a vital part of any thriving work environment.

Big Work Survey Reveals UK is Nation of Stressed Staff
February 18 2014 - According to new research, we are a nation of stressed staff.

Anger at work
July 3 2012 - What makes people angry at work and what are the implications?

Healthy Eating Key to Workplace Productivity
March 2 2012 - It has been claimed that one in three office employees skips a proper lunch, and instead snacks on unhealthy options, which can lead to lethargy, irritability and decreased productivity.

Health And Safety Not Over-regulated
Recent research from the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University found that safety in the workplace has been adversely affected by policy changes relating to health and safety over the last ten years, with reduced levels of enforcement by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

CIPD Attacks Sick Pay Ruling
September 21 2009 - The CIPD have attacked last week's European Court sick pay ruling for being 'divorced from real world' and possibly forcing employers to implement less generous Statutory Sick Pay schemes.

TUC Attacks Inappropriate Footwear Codes
August 18 2008 - The TUC has produced 'Working feet and footwear', a new guide for footwear at work. The authors found that several large city institutions and upmarket retailers include slip-on shoes or high heels in their dress codes for female staff dealing with the public. These types of footwear can be uncomfortable and lead to long-term foot problems - especially when staff have to stand for prolonged periods.

Depression In The Workplace
April 27 2008 - Acas Offers Advice On Health, Work And Wellbeing

Musculoskeletal Disorders
September 25 2007 - Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), a group of over 200 conditions including arthritis, back pain and damage to joints, muscles and tendons are by far the most prevalent cause of work-related illness in the UK affecting twice as many people as stress.

Sick Certification Study
September 24 2007 - A new Merseyside study has found that more certified intermediate sick leave (6-28 weeks) is given by male GPs to male patients compared to that given by female GPs to female patients.

CIPD Survey Highlights Drug And Alcohol Misuse
September 17 2007 - Two fifths of UK employers consider alcohol misuse to be a significant cause of absenteeism and lost productivity according to new research and a third also believe that drug misuse has similarly negative consequences.

Trauma Management
January 18 2007 - Effective workplace trauma management can help reduce absence and improve health among employees.

Scottish smoking ban produces rapid health improvement
October 15 2006 - A Dundee study shows significant improvements in bar workers' lung function and a reduction in reported respiratory symptoms within the first few months of the ban on smoking in confined public places in Scotland.

TUC responds to report on UK's poor health and safety record
17 October 2005 - TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber welcomed a report from the the Crime and Society Foundation which concludes that unions are key to tackling the UK's poor health and safety record.

E-mails are a threat to health
January 8 2004 - People who receive e-mails written in a threatening manner or sent by a higher status colleague, experience higher blood pressure than those receiving e-mails of a non-threatening nature or from an equal status colleague. Researchers have concluded that it is counter-effective for managers to write aggressive e-mails as it increases negativity in staff.

Evaluating stress measurement questionnaires
January 3 2002 -

  • Do stress measurement questionnaires really measure stress in a reliable and valid way?
  • Do they actually provide the information that organisations need to tackle workplace stress?


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