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Depression In The Workplace

Acas Offers Advice On Health, Work And Wellbeing

April 27 2008 - This year, Depression Awareness Week (21 - 26 April 2008) focused on the workplace. Research studies by the CIPD, Shaw Trust and Future Foundation show that managers typically underestimate the extent that colleagues and employees suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, nearly 30% of workers experience a mental health problem in any one year.

In addition to the effect on employees' personal lives, mental health problems disrupt wellbeing and morale, impacting their performance at work. Mental health problems are costly for businesses as employees suffering from depression take an average of 30 days off for each spell of sickness absence.

According to Gill Trevelyan, Head of Training and Equality Services at Acas, the employment relations service:

"Spotting and doing something about troubled employees is an important business skill. As well as being good managers in the traditional sense, we urge bosses to look out for early indicators before they develop into something more serious, like stress or depression. Healthy and content workers translate directly into productive employees."

Acas has provided advice for managers and colleagues on how to spot and deal with mental health problems at work:



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