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Creating a Positive and Safe Working Environment

January 28 2022 - No one should feel uncomfortable when they are at work, whether that is physical discomfort or mental, emotional discomfort. While you might not be able to avoid certain tensions and issues building between your employees, there is always an opportunity to find a resolution to these problems and move forward with a more positive outlook. If you are looking for some tips to help create a positive and safe working environment for your staff, consider the points below.

Make Sure Everyone Understands Company Policy

Every time you hire a new member of staff, they should be given an employee handbook which includes information on company policy. This will cover topics such as the correct procedure when it comes to calling in sick, submitting holiday requests, and reporting grievances to HR should they have any problems. It should also list clearly what is considered harassment and other unacceptable behaviour in the office that will lead to disciplinary action or termination of employment. You should also carry out refresher courses for long-term staff at least once a year to make sure that everyone is clear on your company’s policies and there is no excuse for bad behaviour. This can help to maintain professional attitudes and give your staff peace of mind that you take these issues seriously as an employer.

How Comfortable is the Office?

Another way you can create a positive and safe working environment is by thinking about how comfortable the workspace is for employees. For example, is the office furniture giving them the correct support when they are sitting at their desks? Are the breakroom and toilet facilities of a good standard? You should also keep the central heating maintained to help keep the office warm in winter and consider air conditioning or another cooling system for the summer. Your office needs to be well ventilated, too, for health reasons and to help keep the space feeling fresh. You might need to look at an industrial ventilation system if you can’t open windows in your office space or require this type of industrial ventilation system and part of health and safety regulations for your business.

Enhance Office Décor

As well as providing comfortable furniture, you might also want to consider sprucing up your office’s décor as well. It might seem like something trivial, but it can make a big difference in creating a happier atmosphere in the workspace. Adding a splash of colour makes the office feel more vibrant, and indoor plants will bring a touch of nature that can help to boost people’s moods. Some nice framed artwork on the walls can also make the area look more aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Storage

You should also make sure that the office is organised to make your employees’ daily tasks easier. Not only this but having a clever system in your storage cupboards can reduce hazards rather than having everything stacked up in boxes on shelves. Having a declutter of your storage cupboards and the office in general once a month can help you to maintain a tidier and safer working environment, too.

If you want to boost morale in your office and create a safer working environment for everyone, try these suggestions and see how they can make a difference.



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