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A Guide To Managing And Helping Expat Employees

December 11 2017 - Is your company planning to send a few employees abroad? According to current data, there are 4.5 million British expats based abroad, and this shows that organisations and employees both see the advantages of relocating employees for business purposes. However, sending employees abroad presents a host of challenges as they need some support from the company on a number of different issues. Apart from dealing with the logistics of relocating to another country, there's also the emotional challenges of expat life. Failure to address these matters can result in problems and a fruitless endeavour, but these can be prevented by following this guide to managing expat employees.

Assist your employees in securing documents

Moving to another country is stressful enough for your employee, and worrying about completing legal documents can take a toll on any expat. To help out, assist your employees in securing their documents such as visas and other travel documents. Preparing international health insurance for medical emergencies will also help your employees as this can serve them well in case they get sick or injured while abroad. Taking care of these things allows your employees to direct their energy towards new roles and enables them to do better as they get to focus on their tasks.

Help your employees to get settled while overseas

There are several things that you can do to help your employees get settled while they are abroad. One of your top priorities should be finding a suitable rental, and you have to make sure that the house or flat is comfortable and is situated somewhere near your employee's assigned workplace. You should also help ensure that the rental has utilities in place such as electricity, water, and Internet connection. Set the terms on what costs the employee will be responsible for and include this in the relocation contract.

Coordinate with the employees' new workplace

Coordination is the key to a successful expat program. As your employee moves into a new workplace, adjustments will be made both by the new company's employees and their current addition to the team. Failure to communicate with the company regarding your employee's role, tasks, and responsibilities may result to conflict and misunderstanding, so make sure to have a clear line of communication with supervisors and HR officers of the new company. If employees will be managing offshore teams, make sure that they are briefed on the customs or culture of the country they are in to avoid miscommunication or confusion.

Managing and helping your expat employees can benefit your business. Follow these tips to make the expat experience go smoother for your employees and their new workplaces.


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