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Human Resource Information Systems

HR systems

Human resource systems can differ widely. They may be:

  • Intranets using web-type methods but operating purely within one organization or location.
  • Extranets - encompassing two or more organizations.
  • Portals - offering links to internal information and services but also accessing the worldwide web.


  • Familiarity (looking like web pages)
  • Attractiveness (colourful, clearly laid out, graphics)
  • Integration (linking different HR systems such as basic personnel records, employee handbooks, terms and conditions, contracts, various entitlements and payroll)
  • Allowing employees and managers to enter, check and amend controlled ranges of personal and other information.
  • Eliminating printing, enveloping and mailing of personnel and other employee information
  • Reducing need for telephone handling of routine enquiries by HR staff.

Basic system requirements

  1. Means of accessing and inputting information locally. Initially, they required desktop terminals using standard browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer to access information. Since then access means have proliferated to include laptops, netbooks, smart phones (e.g. Blackberry, Apple iPhone) and other technologies.
  2. In-house or outsourced means of serving and receiving information, ranging from an individual PC server to cloud-computing. Again, new technology and the widespread availability of wi-fi have liberated users from hardwired, office-limited systems. They can be accessed (almost) anywhere.
  3. Appropriate software from specialist providers.
  4. Security systems, including access control at various levels to prevent information being seen or manipulated by unauthorized users.

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