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4 Ways to Aid Your Employees' Day-to-Day Tasks

January 11 2020 - Day-to-day tasks are an inevitability in business. They may be important tasks, they may be menial tasks that just need to get done, but they all take time. If your business isn't streamlining these processes, then it could be wasting valuable time and resources and not reaching its full capability. For example, if an outdated piece of software costs an employee 5-10 minutes of their day every time they use it, and you have 20 employees using the software 3 times a day, then you are losing hundreds of hours over a year. The numbers start to add up alarmingly quickly and make a big impact on your business. Therefore, it's essential that you take steps to aid your employees with their day-to-day tasks.


First things first, you've got to give your employees the tools to be able to do their best work. If they're using outdated or suboptimal software, then it's going to take them longer to do each individual task. When you add this time up over weeks and months of carrying out a task, it adds up to serious time lost to inefficiency. Get a consult from an expert like Weaveability and find out where you can make your employees' lives easier and allow them to work more efficiently.


While we need order in business, the same methods just don't work for everyone. Take the nine to five working day, for example. Some people thrive in this system, but others simply can't thrive working these hours. In order to get the best out of every employee, you need to allow for flexibility. Give people responsibility for their own time, and you will find that they reward you with improved performance. Give each employee a time sheet to keep track of their working time. It can even boil down to small things like subsidizing gym memberships and encouraging people to work out during lunch. For some people, this allows them to come back ready and raring to go in the afternoon, rather than struggling on through until 5.


Piggybacking off the last idea, employees work more efficiently when they're working in an enjoyable, happy work environment. Yes, the office is a place of work, but people spend a huge percentage of their lives there, so it's got to be a place they want to keep coming back to. You can help create this culture and make an environment that's conducive to efficient work through several different initiatives. Again, small changes, like introducing standing-desks, or adding more greenery to the office, can make a big difference to your employees.

Clear Communication

So much inefficiency is the result of poor communication. Businesses are complex organisations, and getting all the parts moving in the right direction can be challenging. However, ambiguous communication can make day-to-day tasks that little bit more difficult. Work on making sure that the communication channels within your company are working effectively and always be open to suggestions. Find out what challenges your employees face and see if you can come up with ways to make their lives easier.



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