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Reasons Why Award Plaques Are Increasing Employee Performance

Award Plaques

September 6 2019 - Did you know that up to 70 percent of workers aren't reaching their full performance potential? Can you say for certain that your employees are working as hard as they could be?

Are you wondering how to get the most out of your workers? You need to show your employees that you acknowledge their hard work and achievements.

You can achieve this with award plaques to boost employee performance at your company. Check out the below blog post to learn more!

1. Your Employees Want to be Recognized

Only around 46 percent of employees say that they're satisfied with their employer's recognition of their work.

Of course, your workers will always appreciate a pay rise or a bonus. Maybe even a new corner office would help too.

But you would be amazed how far a "thank you" and a "well done" goes. What if you could display your recognition on the wall?

Show that you recognize the hard work and achievement of your workers by putting their names on the company walls.

2. Establish Loyalty From Your Employees

A high turnover of your workers can be extremely expensive for your company. It's important to keep your most talented and hard-working people with you.

But, why should your employees show any loyalty to your company if you don't show loyalty to them? Award plaques show you want to keep them!

Research says that you could reduce employee turnover by up to 31 percent with the right incentives. Awarding your staff with plaques can be an essential part of getting people to stick around.

When your workers have their names on the wall of the office, they're much more likely to feel connected to the business.

3. Foster a Sense of Friendly Competition

You may want to foster a sense of friendly competition within the workplace. This is especially helpful if you're running a sales team.

The plaque awards may be given to the employee with the highest number of sales per month. Who wouldn't want to win this award?

Get your employees to compete with each other to get their names on the wall. This could help you to boost sales overall.

Instead of your employees dragging themselves to work on a Monday morning, they'll be excited to play the game to win.

4. Encourage Cooperation as a Team

When your company achieves a profit at the end of the year--who gets the credit?

The executives and owners always enjoy the fruits of the accomplishments of the company. By contrast, the little people are forgotten.

Yet, when you give out award plaques you can demonstrate to your employees that you value their role in your company's success.

This can help to cement the sense of teamwork throughout your organization. You don't want a huge gap between the top and the bottom of your business.

6. Happy Employees Increases Productivity

If you want to know how to improve performance, you only need to consider the link between job satisfaction and productivity.

Research has discovered that employees are around 30 percent more productive when they are happy at work.

How can you create a happy workplace environment? Award plaques show that you care about the well-being of your employees.

This also encourages more hard work. When your employees work hard they're rewarded with plaques on the wall, which pushes them to achieve even more.

7. Show You're Willing to Put in Time and Effort

Verbally acknowledging your valued employees should be encouraged. However, when you go the extra mile, it really counts.

Getting a customized plaque for your employees who have made the most progress in a project or achieved full attendance through the year is a thoughtful gesture.

Sure, a casual "well done" in the elevator on your way to the office is worthwhile. But, why not give a lasting impression of appreciation with a tangible plaque.

8. Performance Review Feedback

The award plaques aren't only for the winners of the award. Of course, they'll go home feeling great about what they have achieved at work.

At the same time, you also want to gently show other employees that they're not doing enough. An award plaque on the wall is a powerful tool to urge your employees to work harder to get results.

9. Improve Employee Engagement

Your employees may be coming to work every day, but are they working as hard as they possibly could to achieve results?

When your workers are just going through the motions, it's difficult to ensure that they're engaged in their work.

Award plaques can remind your employees why they keep showing up for work. It's not only about showing up at the office, but they also need to put in the effort!

10. Small But Meaningful Awards Are Perfect

There are many other ways to reward your employees.

You can give them a huge bonus at the end of the year. You can promote them to a higher paid role. You could even throw your team a costly party.

However, all of these rewards are extremely expensive. If you want a cost-effective and budget-friendly rewards system, award plaques are perfect.

You get to improve employee performance without spending all of your profits on keeping your workers engaged.

For a reasonable price, you can have a plaque engraved with the employee's name and achievement and hung up in the office.

Reasons Why Award Plaques Improve Employee Performance

Now you know why award plaques are the most effective way to boost employee performance.

There are a bunch of reasons why they're perfect for raising the game of your workers. They increase loyalty and improve engagement at the same time.

Do you want to learn other ways to improve employee morale and engagement? Stay tuned to our blog to discover more!


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