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Private Plates For A Business Car: What Companies Need To Consider

April 13 2023 - Creating and maintaining a brand identity for your company can both be time-consuming and financially draining. What's more, it's very tricky to get it right. With so many businesses popping up each and every day, standing out from the crowd and getting ahead of rivals is crucial. While many businesses head online for their marketing efforts, something as simple as fitting your company car with a private, personalised number plate can be an excellent advertising tactic.

As your business car roams around, pedestrians may take a second look at your reg plate. This can be an excellent way to spread brand awareness and stick in the consumers mind. If you're thinking of investing in private plates for your business car, here are certain things you need to consider first.

Where To Buy

The most important factor to consider is where you plan to buy your private plate for your business car. Whoever you choose, you need to make sure you pick a provider that's DVLA-registered, like Regtransfers. You can browse through their DVLA number plates to find one that's suitable for your business car. There is the option to get in touch via phone or social media if you have any questions too.

Type Of Plate

There are various formats available. These include historic issues as well as the current style. 'Dateless' (pre-1963) registrations are a desirable option as they will, effectively, can hide the age of your vehicle since they include no indication of the date of issue. They are simply distinguished by either starting or ending with a number. You won't, therefore, be surprised to learn that many dateless number plates will cost a great deal more when compared to newer plate formats.

Combination Of Letters And Numbers

All UK registrations use both letters and numbers. The novelty occurs in the fact that they can all also resemble letters e.g. 1=I, 2=R, 3=E, 4=A, 5=S, 6=G, 7=T, 8=B, 9=G and 0=O. This unintentionally provides the opportunity for representations of common names or words, which may ideally suit your business.


The cost of your business private plate will vary. It all depends on how popular the word or name you're looking for is. Your company's initial will probably work out as the cheapest option. This may also allow you to collect a series with different digits. Make sure you create a budget and stick to it before going any further so you don't spend beyond your means and drain your business finances.

Whether you're a man in a van or own an entire fleet, investing in private plates could be a brilliant idea. Not only do private plates tend to retain their value, but over time, you could end up scoring a profit. Just make sure you know what you're getting yourself into and paying for before investing in private plates for your business car.



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