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What Makes An Employee Eligible To Make A Work Accident Claim?

July 16 2020 - Accidents are quite common in workplaces, even though the employers and managers take plenty of precautionary measures to keep everyone safe.

While some are minor, many accidents lead to severe injuries. It can be anything from minor lacerations to broken bones and severe defects. But sadly, sometimes, it can go as far as death.

If you find yourself with injuries related to a workplace accident, then you may be eligible for compensation. Check out the following to see if you meet the requirements.

What Are Accident At Work Claims?

In the UK, every employer or business owner is legally obligated to provide a safe and secure environment for their employees and visitors.

These companies must follow the legal Health & Safety regulations, as well as hold an employer's liability insurance to cover any accidental injury claims.

In case you feel that your injury is due to the negligence of your employer or a co-worker, you might be eligible to get compensation. If you file for a claim and it is successfully processed, then you will be paid by your employer's insurance company.

What Can You Make A Claim For?

A common question that most employees have is what exactly makes them eligible to file the claim. To help you get a general understanding, here is a list of the most common accidents that take place:

  • Trip, fall, or a slip
  • Dangerous or unsafe machinery at work
  • Poorly maintained or defective gear or equipment at work
  • A falling object
  • Hazardous practices in the workplace
  • Violation of the Health & Safety regulations
  • A form of assault at work
  • Negligence of peers
  • Improper or incomplete training
  • Faulty practices that are a result of improper training
  • Industrial injuries, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome

If your injury is not mentioned in the list above, it doesn't mean you are out of the picture. You can still get compensation for an accident at work. You can contact a solicitor, and they will guide you through the entire process. They can even help you throughout the claim and make sure you aren't cheated.

What Will You Receive Compensation For

Since each case involves different aspects, only an attorney can give you the precise details. Speak to experts in personal injury law, such as Mooneerams, who will be able to offer you practical advice thatís tailored to your individual needs and specific case.

However, you can receive compensation for various elements, which can include loss of future earnings, medical fees, treatment charges, and much more.

However, there can be many complications in calculating and receiving compensation. The insurance company might try to pay a lower amount or dismiss a claim due to a lack of evidence or another reason. That is why you might need an experienced solicitor.

How Long You Have To Make a Work Injury Claim

In general, you can file a workplace injury claim until 3 years after your accident. However, there are many cases where employees were compensated for claims made after the 3 years. That usually happens if your injury showed up later.

But before you take any action, consider consulting an attorney first.



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