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What To Do When Your Business is Facing Legal Action

April 30 2019 - Businesses can face legal action for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are deserved; others can feel like harassment. Regardless, to operate in the market, you must adhere to the rules of the land and, most importantly, stay up to date with all law changes. From tax laws to business laws, to even what appliances you use. Staying up to date is one of the best and easiest ways to operate within the law. If you need further help doing this, hire a lawyer to guide you through the process.

Some ways your business can face legal action, and what to do about it, include:


Lawsuits come in all different types and flavours, whether you are suing someone else or being sued yourself makes no difference in this situation. You will need a lawyer regardless of which side you are on. Ways to prevent and improve a lawsuit situation include:

  • Be Insured

In most cases, liability insurance is bought and used by businesses. Individuals are rarely sued in this way because they simply don't often have the money to cover it, and you cannot sue someone into debt. That is why businesses often feel the brunt, and often, they will lose. It's an unfair system, but with insurance, you can protect your business regardless.

  • Let Your Lawyer Handle It

When you are dealing with a lawsuit, hiring a lawyer is the best way forward. Otherwise, you will need to deal with the legal system on your own.

  • Make Changes

If there are changes to be made to reduce the risk of an accident occurring on your business' property again, make it. You cannot help all accidents - people can sue you for tripping over their own feet and claiming it was an issue with your perfectly flat floor - but you can make real fixes when applicable.

If There is a Will Dispute

What happens to a business can also be outlined in a will, but that doesn't mean that what is written is always set in stone. You can contest a will with if you believe their last will and testament was falsified near the end of your loved one's life. If you know wholeheartedly that you were supposed to take over the company after your mother's death, and believe there was some fraud involved during the last update to her will, you can and should contest it during probate.

If There Is a Tax Issue

If there is a tax issue with your business you will want to:

  • Bring in an Accountant
  • An accountant should be able to go through and sort your books, so you know exactly what is going on. As the HMRC will also need your books, this will kill two birds with one stone. If there are debts to pay, pay them. Otherwise, you can work out a payment plan. Regardless, do what your lawyer suggests so that you only need to deal with fines and not jail time.

    If There is a Copyright Issue

    If there is an issue with copyright, you will also want to bring in a lawyer to fight for you. In the future, however, patenting and copyrighting your work is the best way to solidify your right to an innovative or unique design.



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