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The Awesome Perks of Being a Respiratory Care Therapist

Respiratory Care Therapist

April 5 2020 - With such a wide array of careers in the medical field, many jobs get lumped together and can be overlooked. However, respiratory care therapy is one career you do not want to ignore.

Respiratory care therapists provide essential services to patients with respiratory diseases. This brings immense internal satisfaction to those within the career.

With so many fantastic perks and benefits, this career has become incredibly lucrative and offers several great opportunities other may careers lack. Here are the five main benefits of being a respiratory care therapist.

Respiratory Therapy Doesn't Require An Advanced Degree

One advantage of being a respiratory therapist is that you don't need any advanced education degrees or training. This saves both time and money for those who are yearning to be a part of the field.

Most respiratory care therapists have an associate's degree and in some cases, a bachelor's degree. However, the only real requirement is to have a state license. The requirements for licenses differ by state, so it's important to double-check what your state requires.

Boredom is a Thing of the Past

Another cool perk to being a respiratory care therapist is it's genuinely hard to get bored doing this work. Unlike other jobs that require rudimentary and repetitive duties, respiratory care therapists have a variety of job tasks.

For example, one day a respiratory therapist may be interviewing patients, while on another day, a therapist may be recommending treatments or educating a family about the patient's diagnosis. There are so many job tasks for therapists that may take on different shapes and forms depending on the patient's needs.

Great Salary

Though most don't enter the field for the money, the pay is considered pretty good for respiratory care therapists. As of 2018, the median salary was $60,280, with some therapists earning as much as $72,760. Even those with less than a year of experience earn as much as $51,430.

Additionally, since 2010, the salary has steadily increased each year reflecting a positive salary outlook for the position.

And because the career only requires a state license and a two-year associate's degree, respiratory care therapists can earn decent money in a relatively short period of time.

Strong Employment Outlook

If you're looking for a career with solid job security and a very promising job outlook, respiratory care therapists have just that. From 2018 onward, employment in the field was projected to grow 21% - according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This positive growth is linked to the ever-increasing aging population that will require more respiratory therapy due to cardiopulmonary disorders and pneumonia. Fortunately for therapists, it's also expected that they will have an increased role in urgent care, disease prevention, and early detection of lung disorders.

And Finally, Respiratory Care Therapists Make a Difference

One of the best benefits of being a respiratory care therapist is the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. This benefit is continuously cited over and over on job boards for respiratory therapists.

There is an immense amount of purpose and satisfaction involved in this job. Respiratory care therapists increase the quality of life of those diagnosed with respiratory disorders with critical support throughout the process.

The opportunity to see a patient smile after liberation from life support or alleviation from respiratory distress is a gift that not every job can offer.

Ready for the Challenge?

If all this sounds great to you, you aren't alone. Every year, more and more people are becoming respiratory care therapists.

If you're bored in your current career and you're itching to work in a job that pays well, challenges you, and gives you real purpose, you have stumbled upon the right occupation.

Respiratory care therapy is a truly satisfying career that brings joy and happiness not only to patients but also to the family members and friends of those affected by respiratory diseases.

Ready to save lives? Become a respiratory care may just be the best decision you ever make!

And if you're interested in reading some more cool articles, make sure to check out the rest of this website!



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