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Articles on Business Ethics

The divide in consumer and business perception: is enough being done in assessing ESG risks?
July 5 2022 - Across the globe, social unrest, the increased frequency of climate hazards, and unprecedented biodiversity loss are sparking conversations around what needs to and can be done.

Psychopathic Organizations
February 27, 2006 - More and more of the larger UK companies are taking seriously the way they do business. Corporate responsibility researchers have found that many large organizations display the criteria psychiatrists use to classify people as psychopaths. New research from the Turku School of Economics in Finland, to be published in the next edition of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management suggests that organizations showing evidence of psychopathic behaviour would benefit from a 'Prince of Virtues' approach to awake them from a '100-year sleep'.

Taking Business Ethics Seriously: The core of a successful programme
Over 90 percent of the FTSE100 companies have an ethics programme and 64 percent of the FTSE250 have indicated that they have a code of ethics.

"Ethics? What ethics?"
January 23 2003 - Most businesses in the UK have not reacted to the recent 'ethics crisis' according to a survey of 400 business people. It seems that corporate ethics is not a priority for most companies as over 65% of people surveyed said they had seen no change to practices at their company, some even going so far as to imply that corporate ethics is an oxymoron.



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