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Improve Employee Morale By Switching To Sustainable Practices

August 9 2019 - Employee satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the key factors in maintaining a successful business. Happy employees will be far more motivated and dedicated to your company. This will have an apparent positive effect on productivity and revenue, both of which are essential to the success of any business. The infographic by demonstrates that business sustainability is a key factor in employee retention, which suggests that a sustainable business is in a stronger position when it comes to attracting and keeping the best quality staff. You can make a number of quick improvements to help create a more eco-friendly business. For example, found that 1 in 10 employees appreciate having good recycling facilities in the workplace. The same study found that a massive 87% of employees feel that working for a green company is either somewhat or very important to them. These figures suggest that adopting sustainable practices is, therefore, an effective way to boost morale and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Sustainable Practices Infographic



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