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5 Best Ways to Retain Employees

December 29 2019 - Good employees can be difficult to come by, and integral to the running of your business in the future. Retaining the top talent is important to ensure that your business remains successful and innovative, with employees being the backbone of many top companies. Luckily, there are many simple actions that you can take to make your employees feel happy, respected, and passionate about their roles and responsibilities.

1. Create a Welcoming Office Space

Having a welcome office space can improve employee mood, with additions such as natural lighting, plants and flowers, and air ventilation improving both the physical and mental health of employees. You should also consider adapting your office by creating a bright and colourful space with engaging wall artwork and personalised desks to keep employees content throughout the day. Consider having relaxing and comfortable break areas away from the main work areas too. If you are struggling to create an inspiring space, Task Developments can help you to make your employee's dream office a reality through their office refit and refurbishment service.

2. Offer Bonuses and Rewards

Employees are more likely to stay with your firm if they believe that their work is appreciated, and the best way to show this is through positive feedback and praise, as well as rewards, such as bonuses and day trips. However, when giving bonuses, you should make sure that you implement a fair system, as resentment may occur if new employees are starting to be paid more than longer-term members of staff. Events such as summer barbecues and Christmas parties can also give employees something to work towards and a chance to bond with their colleagues.

3. Consider Training Programmes

Many of the best employees want to continue learning to ensure that they are able to give the best work possible. The best way to continue to make employees feel challenged and stretched, rather than bored in their current role, is to invest in training programmes where they can learn new skills and boost any weaknesses that they may have. This can also prepare employees for promotion or management positions if desired. It is important that you invest in great managers by utilising training programmes, as they can make the difference to your employees feeling respected and valued within the company.

4. Conduct Annual Meetings and Feedback Surveys

You need to prove to employees that they have a voice within their company and that they are respected at all times. Conducting annual meetings and anonymous feedback surveys are the best way to do this as this allows employees to communicate directly about any concerns that they may have. Not only this, but employees often know the most about your business, and this gives them the chance to suggest ideas that they may have.

5. Delegate Tasks

Employees also want to continue to feel trusted and the best way to do this is to give them more responsibility when they desire it. The best way to do this, bar promotion, is to delegate tasks between your team, as this will give everyone the chance to utilise their skills and feel like a vital cog in your business.



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