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How to motivate employees in the construction industry

Construction industry

June 23 2022 - Last year, the UK’s construction industry was worth a whopping £122 billion which shows just how lucrative it can be for businesses. Without the employees, however, no work would be completed and profits would ultimately stop.

This industry can be very tough on the workforce. It’s dangerous, intense and a constant battle with temperatures throughout the year with winter and summer bringing issues of their own. These factors can affect motivations on site which means buildings will take longer to be completed leading to more money being spent.

To find out how you can motivate your employees in the construction industry, read on and reduce the amount of downtime on your next building project.

Lower the risk of accident

With heavy-duty machinery, working at heights and potential trip hazards on most construction sites, the risk of injury is very high. In 2021, there were 470,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders and the industry with the highest average rates was construction.

Statistics like this may result in people being less motivated to work as they may get injured and so, site managers must restore their confidence by making the workplace safer for employees. This can be done by improving the personal protective equipment for each employee and increasing the amount of training before a worker steps on a specific site.

Celebrate workforce

We’re sure you appreciate your staff members but if you don’t show them that then how will they feel appreciated at work. A good way to show your employees that they matter is to tell them every day that they’re doing a great job.

You may also treat them to some food or snacks whilst their working to reward them for their hard work.

Salary reviews

With the current cost of living crisis, increasing employee's salary is now more important than ever. That’s why regular reviews of wages should be implemented into your business, so they know when they can expect to see an increase in their payslip.

When employees know that they’re working toward a pay increase, they’ll be more motivated to show you why they deserve one. Work will be of a higher standard and completed at a faster rate.

New tools and equipment

If the tools on the construction site haven’t been updated for a while, then it may reflect in your employees work and the time it takes them to complete a task. Items such as drill bits like one of these should be replaced frequently so they’re strong enough to support the ongoing work.

You may also opt for cordless tools to reduce the number of wires trailing around the site. These tools will be easier and better to use which will improve motivation for employees too.



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