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How To Promote A Culture Of Punctuality At Work
November 29 2018 - Not only does it improve productivity, but it can also lead to a healthier relationship between employees and employers.

Is Your Job Making You Sleep Deprived?
April 5 2018 - Sleep is the most vital component to having both an enjoyable and a fruitful day. A Sleep Council study revealed that the industry you work in can greatly affect how you sleep.

Extra Workload a Challenge for Work-life Balance
October 28 2016 - A recent survey suggests that office workloads in major European economies have gone up significantly over the last year.

Stress Factors
March 12 2014 - Review of some of the factors linked to stress

B Lab Awards 79 Companies for Positive Impact on Workforce
October 9 2013 - Study after study shows that being ‘best for workers' means being best for shareholders because the name of the game is winning the war for talent

What employers need to know about stress at work
August 14 2013 - Stress at work is a costly affair and hits businesses financially, but also has a negative influence on staff relationships, poor performance, staff turnover and leads to more management time being spent on resolving the issues arising from stress.

Danger of the desk
July 3 2012 - Men and women react differently to stress.

Long Hours Bad For The Heart
July 16 2010 - Research led by University College, London and published in the European Heart Journal found that working overtime is bad for the heart.

Work-life Balance and the Public Sector
January 25 2007 - Public sector employers may 'talk the talk' on work-life balance, but in practice have limited commitment to changing standard working patterns.

Most employers anticipate difficulties coping with new rights for workers with family responsibilities
November 24 2006 - A new survey by CIPD/KPMG finds that many employers believe that the implementation of new legal rights for working mothers and fathers will cause them difficulty.

Teleworking Over-hyped, Say CIPD
October 3 2006 - A new report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) argues that the phenomenon of teleworking has been over-exaggerated, is unlikely ever to be a prospect for the majority of workers, and may be overshadowing far more effective means of improving work-life balance. Teleworking: trends and prospects suggests that many studies artificially swell the numbers of teleworkers by including "white van men" - tradespeople and others in self-employment who happen to use a computer and telephone as part of their work.

Soldiers' Wives Tough It Out
September 6 2006 - September 2006 sees the deployment of more British troops to Afghanistan, but what is the impact on the wives and families left behind? Research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council "The Family and Military as 'Greedy Institutions': Negotiating a work-life balance in the British Forces" reveals that the wives of British soldiers on active duty are more resilient then their husbands might imagine. Army wives have their dissatisfactions, but the work-life tensions of military life are outweighed by the financial security it provides.

Managers Enjoy Their Work
February 7 2006 - Stress levels among senior managers are declining, their work-life balance is improving and more people are working long hours because they enjoy their jobs, according to Roffey Park's Management Agenda 2006 survey.

TUC says 5,000,000 work a day a week unpaid
January 5 2006 - More accurately, 4,759,000 employees worked an average of 7 hours 24 minutes a week in unpaid overtime in 2005, according to a TUC analysis of the official Labour Force Survey figures.

Survey shows work-life balance policies are working
September 9 2003 - But one third of employers are failing to get the message, according to the Work Foundation.

Work-life balance examples
February 5 2002 - A conference on trends in working hours and flexible working patterns in the UK and across Europe will hear from employers who, working with unions, have encouraged flexible working and work-life balance. Examples featured will include Lloyds TSB and Arla Foods.

Evaluating stress measurement questionnaires
January 3 2002 -

  • Do stress measurement questionnaires really measure stress in a reliable and valid way?
  • Do they actually provide the information that organisations need to tackle workplace stress?

    Working time regulations amended
    September 28 2001 - Employment Relations Minister Alan Johnson announced changes to the Working Time Regulations which will remove the qualifying period necessary for entitlement to paid annual leave. Workers will be entitled to paid annual leave from their first day of employment, with a corresponding right to compensation for any untaken leave on termination of employment. The amended regulations come into force from October 25 2001.

    Married to the job?
    March 5 2001 - The partners of a third of people who work longer than 48 hours in a typical week reported that the long hours culture had a negative effect on their relationships. More than half of the partners interviewed by Taylor Nelson Sofres for the CIPD said that their sex life suffered as a result of the `long hours' worker's tiredness. 43% agreed that they were fed up with having to take responsibility for most of the domestic burden.


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