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PC Perks

2 June 2001 - Society may be increasingly computer-based but new research indicates that 41% of British employees do not have access to a personal computer at work or at home. 'Mouse In The House' is a report based on a survey carried out by MORI in the UK - and also France and Germany where 44% are without PC access. The report was commissioned by PeoplePC, a global provider of home-based PC and Internet benefit programmes.

It highlights the so-called ‘Digital Divide’ between the people who have PC and Internet access and those who do not. 18% of those without are afraid of being left behind in the age of technology. People under the age of 35 have the greatest wish to be able to use the Internet but often feel they can't afford it.

Intriguingly, 32% of survey respondents would be willing to make a contribution to the cost of an employer subsidised home PC programme. In fact, a home computer is seen as better perk than more familiar benefits such as membership of a health club.

Virtually a half (49%) of respondents wanting employers to provide PCs with Internet access anticipate using them for personal development - learning new skills for jobs or careers. They see benefits to themselves, their families and employers. And 17% said they would be happy to use those PCs in order to work flexibly, during evenings or weekends.

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