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Performance Management

Based on Human Resource Management (4th Edition) by Alan Price - published by Cengage


The purpose of this section is to:

  • Determine the criteria that distinguish 'good' from less acceptable performance.
  • Evaluate the most common techniques for measuring performance.
  • Investigate how performance management can be used to reinforce an organization's human resource strategies.
  • Consider whether or not performance management really encourages desirable work behaviour.
  • Performance assessment
    The environmental context
    The organization and effective performance
    Performance strategies
    Performance management systems
    The assessment process
    Objectivity and subjectivity in assessment
    360-degree performance assessment
    Counselling interviews
    Achievers and non-achievers

    HRM is associated with sophisticated and intensive performance assessment, typically involving performance-related pay. The assessment of performance can be beneficial to personal development. We considered performance management as an integrated system. Theoretical descriptions of such systems emphasise their value to the link between individual employee performance and the achievement of strategic goals. However, there are philosophical issues of what precisely represents 'good' performance, and further technical problems of measurement. We completed the chapter with a critique of appraisal methods and a discussion of recent attempts to objectify their use.

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