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Appeal for Corporate Killing Legislation

April 27 2005 - The Amicus trade union is using Workers Memorial Day to urge the introduction of new workplace corporate manslaughter legislation early in the new Parliament.

Workers Memorial Day is commemorated by trade unions around the world to remember people killed at work. Amicus are asking for a new law to hold employers accountable for workers' health and safety and for this legislation to be implemented as a priority. Amicus say that, on average, five people are killed every week in the UK though preventable workplace accidents.

The Blair government made a pledge to unions at the Labour Party's National Policy Forum in July last year to introduce a new law of corporate killing for companies found guilty of causing death, disease or injury to their employees or members of the public. The government introduced deraft legislation in March this year.

Davey Hall, Amicus Regional Secretary for the North East, said: "Hundreds of people are killed at work every year because of their employer's neglect. The theme for Workers' Memorial Day this year is Employer Accountability because as long as employers know they won't be punished for poor health and safety practices, these figures will not improve. We want fast introduction of new legislation which puts the onus directly on the employer because all the research demonstrates that this is the most effective way of improving workplace health and safety standards."


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