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UK Unemployment

Labour Market Statistics

May 18 2017 - The unemployment rate stands at 4.6% - down 0.1% on the quarter and 0.5% down over the year. 31.95 million people were in work in January to March 2017 according to the labour force survey (LFS). This was 122,000 more than the previous quarter and 381,000 higher than last year.

The working age employment rate is 74.8% - virtually unchanged on the last quarter but up 0.5% over the year.

ILO-defined unemployment in January to March 2017 was 1.54 million (4.6%) - down by 53,000 on the previous quarter and down 152,000 on the same quarter last year.

The claimant count for key out-of-work benefits was 792,000 in April 2017 - up by 19,200 on the previous month and up 29,200 on the year.

Average wages, including bonuses, rose by 2.4% over the year.

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