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Toyota's 'Train the Trainer' Centre Opens

March 25 2006 - Toyota has officially opened its European Global Production Centre (E-GPC) in the grounds of its UK production facility at Burnaston, Derbyshire this week. The E-GPC is a 'train the trainer' centre where future trainers from Toyota's European plants will be taught production and maintenance skills

With 18 employees, and an investment cost of 16.3 million euros, the new centre is the European branch of Toyota Motor Corporation's Global Production Centre (GPC) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, established in in July 2003. Like the Japanese parent facility, the E-GPC delivers production know-how by means of a series of "best method" practices for each required skill. The centre delivers a range of courses in its 11 training 'shops' focused on enhancing and developing key vehicle production skills and equipment maintenance knowledge intended to support the Toyota Production System with its renowned emphasis on superior quality.

Training methods include lectures, "visual manual" videos and other techniques to promote easy understanding, as well as through practical training. Trainees use specially developed workstations, simulated production environments and the latest maintenance technology to develop their skills. Courses will also contribute to improved safety, focused on enhanced ergonomics, and greater efficiency as employees' skills are honed to perform tasks within specific timeframes. This results in improved skills and higher quality "built in" to the production process.

Trainees spend about two weeks on average at the E-GPC before taking their new knowledge and skills back to their home plants to pass on to other team members.

The GPC was established following Toyota's rapid expansion in overseas production and the need for speedy introduction of Toyota's basic approach toward "making things" and its "best method" practices to the company's overseas production affiliates.

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