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Based on Part 6 of Human Resource Management (4th Edition) by Alan Price - published by Cengage

HRM is generally associated with a move from collectivist employee relations - stressing union/ employer bargaining arrangements - towards individual-based negotiation, reinforced by personal contracts and performance-based pay systems. The change has not been total in those countries where HRM has been influential and is certainly not universal. In reality, collective negotiation and representation remain common.

We address a number of specific issues:

  • The nature of collective relations
  • Provide an overview of formal employee relations, including the role of trade unions.
  • Evaluate comparative employee relations in a range of developed countries.
  • Draw lessons from comparative employee relations.
  • Discuss the role of conflict in the workplace.
  • Provide an overview of mediation and tribunal systems.
  • HRM Textbooks

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management, 4th edition
    by Alan Price
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    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
     Shortened version of Human Resource Management - concise analysis for non-specialists and one-semester courses.
    More information and prices from: - UK pounds - Euros - Euros - Euros - US dollars - Can dollars

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