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Principles of Human Resource Management: An Active Learning Approach

Alan Price - for the Open Learning Foundation (OLF)
Paperback (June 2000) Blackwell (Oxford); ISBN: 0631201785

Principles of Human Resource Management

Principles of Human Resource Management is a UK-focused text for distance-learners and students wanting to learn about HRM independently or as an alternative source of instruction to conventional text books.

The text provides a comprehensive introduction to human resource management and the changing nature of work. It also covers the key topics in the field, including equal opportunities, employee resourcing, employee relations, reward management and employee development.

The value of Principles of Human Resource Management lies in the numerous activities, exercises and examples which will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the subject.


Unit 1: Introduction to Human Resource Management
Part I: The Theoretical Basis of Human Resource Management
Part II: HRM and Personnel Management
Part III: Models and Theories of Human Resource Management

Unit 2: The Changing Nature of Work
Part I: Changing Types and Patterns of Work
Part II: Alternative Staffing
Part III: Trends in Work Organisation

Unit 3: Employment Resourcing: Planning and Recruitment
Part I: Planning and Forecasting
Part II: Job Analysis:
Part III: Recruitment:

Unit 4: Employee Resourcing: Selection
Part I: Candidate Data and Screening:
Part II: Selection Interviews:
Part III: Advanced Selection Methods:

Unit 5: Performance Management
Part I: Managing Performance
Part II: Measuring Performance
Part III: The Consequences of Performance Management:

Unit 6: Equality of Opportunity
Part I: Equal Opportunities in Context
Part II: Race, Ethnicity and Gender:
Part III: Other Forms of Discrimination

Unit 7: Employee Relations
Part I: The Industrial Relations Tradition
Part II: Human Resource Management and Employee Relations
Part III: Conflict, Bargaining and Discipline

Unit 8: Human Resource Development
Part I: Human Resource Development at National Level
Part II: Human Resource Development at the Organisational Level
Part III: Human Resource Development and the Individual:

Resource 1: The Credible Journey.
Resource 2: Rewarding a Model Merger.
Resource 3: How to Determine Future Work-force Needs.
Resource 4: Bonnypark District Council - Job Application Form.
Resource 5: Fair Chance of a Job in IT.
Resource 6: Out of the Tick Box.
Resource 7: Companies Evaluate Employees From all Perspectives.
Resource 8: In the Classroom, Pride and Passion Mean More Than Performance Pay.
Resource 9: Missed a Motivator.
Resource 10: The Low Down: Work and Family.
Resource 11: Flexibility Scheduling Comes Out of Flux.
Resource 12: Looking For a Colour Blind Employer.
Resource 13: Phone Workers' Brain Strain.
Resource 14: Unattractive Contracts.
Resource 15: Share Strength.
Resource 16: Core Values Shape W. L. Gore's Innovative Culture.

Available online from: - British pounds - US Dollars

Human Resource Management in a Business Context 

Human Resource Management
in a Business Context

2nd Edition 2004
Available from October 2003
by Alan Price
Published by
Thomson Learning
ISBN 186152966X

Preview contents of the second edition:
Human Resource Management in a Business Context

Order online from the following: - British pounds - US dollars - Australian Dollars - Canadian dollars - Euros - Euros

The book can also be ordered from any good bookstore or directly from the publishers at Thomson Learning. On that website make sure your shipping region is correct (bottom of left hand column), then follow this track: Business and Economics > Management > Human Resource Management.

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