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(Please stick with your first answer)
Yes No.....Division of Labour was invented in the 19th century
Yes No.....Modern business is uniquely complex
Yes No.....Tips on supervision are recorded in a 5,000-year-old document
Yes No.....Professional managers were introduced during the 19th century
Yes No.....Personnel Management dates from the 1890's in the USA
Yes No.....Management education first appeared in Britain and the Commonwealth
Yes No.....Scientific Management was invented by Schmidt
Yes No.....Mass production was first used by Henry Ford
Yes No.....The ideas of F.W Taylor and Henry Ford have no influence on management today
Yes No.....'Therblig' was a measure of work
Yes No.....Elton Mayo was responsible for the famous Hawthorne experiments
Yes No.....Basically, HRM is just Human Relations
Yes No.....HRM is one of a number of management fashions that have developed over the last few decades
Yes No.....HRM has a unitarist tradition in the USA
Yes No.....HRM has a unitarist tradition in Europe and Australasia
Yes No.....Traditional personnel managers had high status compared to managers in other business functions
Yes No.....The Japanese role model is a mixture of racial stereotyping, myth and reality
Yes No.....'Just-in-time' and continuous improvement were developed in the USA
Yes No.....Introduction of HRM on the Harvard MBA had a significant impact on the subject
Yes No.....HRM has been portrayed as a proactive approach to people management

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 > Introduction to HRM

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