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Human Resource Management in a Business Context

Human Resource Management in a Business Context, 3rd edition
by Alan Price
 Human Resource Management in a Business Context provides an international focus on the theory and practice of people management. A thorough and comprehensive overview of all the key aspects of HRM, including articles from HRM Guide and other sources, key concepts, review questions and case studies for discussion and analysis.
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Summary and Further reading

Summary We began by recognizing that international HRM can be considered analytically. However, descriptions of cultural differences tend to be stereotypical and do not pay sufficient attention to the diversity found in regions such as Asia. We discussed the work of Hofstede (1994) on dimensions such as cultural complexity, power distance, individualism, assertiveness and uncertainty avoidace. The concept was extended to corporate culture with an account of Deal and Kennedy's (1982) model and more recent debates on the subject. We concluded with a discussion on commitment, a key aspect of HRM theory.

Further reading (available from

Organizational culture
Brand Manners: How to Create the Self-Confident Organisation to Live the Brand ~ Hamish Pringle, William Gordon (Paperback - January 2001)
Corporate Cultures ~ Terrence E. Deal, Allan A. Kennedy (Paperback - May 2000)
The Corporate Culture Survival Guide ~ Edgar H. Schein, Warren Bennis (Paperback - August 1999)
Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization ~ Dave Arnott (Paperback - October 1999)

International business culture
Business Culture in China ~ Wang Yuan, Yuan Wang, Xin Sheng Zhang, Rob Goodfellow, Sheng Xin (Paperback - December 1998)
Chinese Business Negotiating Style ~ Tony Fang (Paperback - January 1999)
Doing Business With Japan : Successful Strategies for Intercultural Communication ~ Kazuo Nishiyama (Paperback - December 1999)
Inside the Kaisha : Demystifying Japanese Business Behavior ~ Kazuo Nishiyama (Paperback - February 1997)

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