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Human Resource Management in a Business Context

Human Resource Management in a Business Context, 3rd edition
by Alan Price
 Human Resource Management in a Business Context provides an international focus on the theory and practice of people management. A thorough and comprehensive overview of all the key aspects of HRM, including articles from HRM Guide and other sources, key concepts, review questions and case studies for discussion and analysis.
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Summary and further reading


Competitiveness demands a diverse workforce and up-to-date skills. The free market belief in 'buying in' skill has proven to be inadequate, even in times of high unemployment. HRD allows people managers to be proactive, focusing on employees as investments for the organization. One of the great strategic contributions of HRM lies in the planning of skill availability in advance of need. Development programmes involve more than training. They begin with the induction and integration of new employees. They require constant accurate assessment, counselling and personal challenge.

Development also involves the socialization of employees to fit the cultural requirements of the company. A much-publicized modern approach places development within the learning organization. HRD focuses strongly on management development. Career plans, performance objective-setting and training programmes are more often directed at managers than lower-level employees. With the integration of training activities into human resource development programmes, trainers are particularly concerned with the merits of formal as opposed to experiential training, cost-effectiveness and quality.

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Human Resource Development: Strategy and Tactics

by Juani Swart, Alan Price, Clare Mann, Steve Brown
  Each chapter in Human Resource Development provides the reader with commentary, activities and review sections in an integrated approach. The action-oriented approach is vital for practicing managers but increasingly for postgraduate and final year undergraduates who have work experience. It is this aspect of the book that fills a gap that currently exists in the market. This text reflects organizational realities and balances and integrates the coverage of individuals, teams and organizational learning.The book is written in a straightforward manner and explains concepts and key issues in a lucid style. The activities are focused and are better suited to encouraging readers to learn.
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Human Resource Development

Developed for the traditional training market with a heavy emphasis on new trends in the field of Human Resource Development (HRD), this text delivers an in-depth look at the design, implementation, and evaluation of HRD at all organizational levels, from the individual employee to management to the overall organization. Written in a simple, conversational tone, the text emphasizes the relevance of the material to employees, job applicants, managers and supervisors - not just future human resource managers - allowing students to answer the important question: "How is this material relevant to me?"
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Strategic Human Resource Development

Providing many examples from Action Research projects in more than a dozen organizations of different kinds, the authors show how using their method of integrating rather than separating personal-life considerations from the workplace can achieve positive outcomes, not only for workers but also for the work.
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Human Resource Development

by Margaret Anne Reid, Harry Barrington, Mary Brown
  This new edition of Training Interventions, (now called Human Resource Development) sees the new co-author revise and update the text to take account of the growing emphasis on interactive learning, online learning and other recent developments. The new edition also adopts a more accessible and student friendly approach to aid student learning, with case material, examples, activities and questions. Acclaimed on publication as "the most comprehensive British analysis of training philosophies, approaches, methods and their underlying historical context currently available in print," successive editions of this text have ensured it remains a definitive text on training in the UK
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Learning and Development: Processes, Practices and Perspectives at Work

by Stephen Gibb
  This text is designed for those students taking learning and development/employee development modules at undergraduate or postgraduate level or as part of professional qualifications. It provides a look at both the traditional and newer areas, combining strong practical reality and theoretical perspectives. Through it's use of case studies, exercises, learning outcomes, further reading, worked examples and action points, it offers a comprehensive and accessible review and analysis of critical concepts in this area.
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Everyone Needs a Mentor (Developing Practice)

by David Clutterbuck
  David Clutterbuck examines the benefits of mentoring for both individuals and the company, and shows how it can play a crucial role in fostering talent at work. The third edition of this book is fully revised and updated to include: up-to-date conceptual models of mentoring in the context of other forms of one-to-one development; approaches to managing the balance of formality and informality; expanded discussion of mentoring applications - for executives, for diversity purposes, for disadvantaged young people; and new insights into the behaviours of effective mentors and mentees.
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Mentoring for Diversity

by David Clutterbuck, Belle Rose Ragins
  This book brings together new and innovative perspectives on diversity and mentoring relationships within a variety of international settings. Mentoring and Diversity provides a unique blend of research and practice, and is an indispensable guide for any company that seeks to develop a more diverse workforce. It will serve as a fundamental text for practitioners interested in developing effective mentoring programmes and for researchers seeking to understand these critical and complex relationships.
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Coaching For Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose

by John Whitmore
  This edition includes additional chapters on incorporating meaning and purpose into work, into goal-setting, and a spiritual approach to coaching, together with a final section on "Coaching the Organizations' Culture". Adopted by many of the world's major corporations, this work also argues for using questions, rather than instructions and commands, and following the GROW sequence - Goals, Reality, Options, Will - to generate prompt action and peak performance. It explores the dynamics of team development and it positions coaching as the essential team leadership skill.
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